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The Windy City Ramblers are dedicated to enriching the lives of Chicago's underserved youth through the power of brass band music. Since 2022, we have engaged over 5,000 students, conducted 50+ free workshops, donated ovre 20 instruments to music students and performed 100+ live concerts in our community. But we can't do it without you!

Get Involved


Become A Rambler

Are you a talented and passionate musician eager to make a meaningful impact with your skills? The Windy City Ramblers, Chicago's premier brass band, is looking for professional musicians to join our vibrant ensemble. 


Donate Instruments

Your used or unused musical instruments can help transform the lives of Chicago's youth. The Windy City Ramblers are seeking instrument donations to support our mission of providing music education and opportunities to underserved communities.



Your financial support can make a tremendous difference in the lives of Chicago's youth. The Windy City Ramblers are dedicated to enriching our community through music education and performance opportunities, and we need your help to continue our mission.

Our Impact on the Community

Donate Today and help us continue to provide music education, instruments, and scholarships to those in need. Your support directly impacts our ability to inspire, educate, and uplift the next generation of musicians.

Educational Outreach

The Windy City Ramblers have partnered with over 10 schools and community organizations to integrate music education into existing programs, significantly enhancing the overall learning experience for students. These collaborations ensure that music education is woven into the fabric of students' daily lives, providing them with regular exposure to the arts. By working alongside educational institutions and community groups, the Ramblers offer tailored programs that complement academic curricula, fostering creativity, discipline, and teamwork among students. This comprehensive approach not only enriches the students' educational journey but also cultivates a deeper appreciation for music and its cultural significance.

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