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Windy City Ramblers 

      The Chicago Windy City Ramblers INC. is a Non-Profit  Brass Band Organization that is dedicated to the cultural development of the Youth of Chicago through the Brass Band and Second Line Culture.  The Windy City Ramblers Brass Band builds from the musical legacy and festive spirit of the New Orleans brass band and second line culture while embracing the rich creative history of Chicago music culture and musicianship.  Musically and Culturally, our aim is to inspire, cultivate, maintain and employ excellent musicianship, professionalism, bandsmanship, and cultural enlightenment.  


Mission Statement:To Provide a path for success, professionalism, cultural awareness, cultural development, self esteem, and creative personal development through education with artform and Cultural Expression of Brass Band Music and Second Line Culture to the Youth of Chicagoland.


Goal:The Goal of the Windy City Ramblers is to transcend the culture of the Youth in the Chicagoland area. It is the goal of this organization to Inspire the Youth of Chicagoland through our music. Improve the success rates of youth transitioning into adulthood through the hands on professional experiences of playing in a brass band.  Furthermore, our goal is to continually produce the Next Generation of Professional Musicians through our institution and its Cultural contributions and services.


How: Through performing, parades, community events and free weekly Brass Band Workshops The Windy City Ramblers provide the youth in Chicago the space and opportunity to develop musical skills, confidence, professionalism, and personal excellence.


    The Windy City Ramblers is an organization that supports the youth through supporting the Music and Musicians.  Through multiple partnerships with Organizations, Schools, Grants, Endowments and Institutions with similar interests and focus, The Windy City Ramblers will be able to change the outlook for a more positive outcome in the lives of the youth of Chicagoland.   Through the building of a Second Line Brass Band Culture in Chicagoland the youth will have an outlet to tap into the type of self expression that is glue to the framework of strong culture.  

As Windy City Ramblers we provide educational services via Workshops(open rehearsals), Live performances, parades, concerts, clinics, and sporting events.


Workshops:  Workshops are held on Monday nights from 7-9pm@the Harvey Boxing Club and Art Gallery.  During workshops musicians rehearse songs, create parts, learn songs, create new arrangements and create new material.  This workshop allows students to learn side by side with professional musicians and learn the language of the brass band sound.  


Live Performances: Live Performances are Festivals, Parties, and events that the Ramblers are requested as utility.

Concerts: Concerts include but are not Limited to Creative events sponsored by the Windy City Ramblers

Clinics:  Clinics include all school levels k-undergraduate.  


Sporting Events: Highschool Sporting events and Community sports.  Many times High School programs have band programs that don't have enough students to play for halftime and pre game events.  The Ramblers will partner with Band programs for special events.


Musicians participating in the Windy City Ramblers will be paid for their time and contribution.

The Abney Effect Live @ Andy's Jazz Club
The Abney Effect Live @ Andy's Jazz Club
Multiple Dates
Jun 18, 2024, 7:00 PM
Andy's Jazz Club
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